Re-creating kitchens for the digital boom

Kitchen recasts are accounting for a large part of chains’ capex budgets for 2017. The aim of the moment is to boost throughput and capitalize on off-premise demand.


Tools that save energy and provide a competitive edge

Operators of all kinds are focusing on the same theme when looking to upgrade their tried-and-true kitchen equipment: advanced technology and energy-saving features.

Consumer preferences are changing when it comes to in-restaurant tech and online services.

Interest in all-day breakfast means more energy and space for the equipment to make it. IHOP divides its four griddles into five stations to keep ingredients separate.

As storage space contracts, chains are getting resourceful with everything from shelves to ceiling height and inventory.

As menu transparency increasingly becomes a key access point to customers’ stomachs and wallets, restaurants are externalizing demand in open-kitchen design.

Made-to-order pizza concepts rely on speedy, high-temperature ovens to fire up customized pizzas.

“TasteCrafted” will cost franchisees less to install than earlier customization programs and can be implemented in drive-thrus.

As menus have evolved in step with culinary trends, so have the plates on which restaurant food is served.

With speed of service emerging as a key consideration for Gen Xers, the chain is testing new cooking equipment and simplifying recipes.

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