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Small coffee, please

Can tiny-by-comparison chains exploit giant Starbucks’ troubles to their advantage?

After 94 Years, Coke

Under the new multiyear pact, Pepsi replaces Coca-Cola, Delaware North's beverage supplier for the past 94 years. The agreement makes Delaware North one of...

Menu development is a process aimed at crafting a menu that satisfies the guest as well as producing a profit for the operator. It is the responsibility of the chef to consider all aspects of the buffet, including the overall theme, the price range and the guest's expectations.

On both the sweet and savory sides of the restaurant kitchen, mixers are true workhorses—whether the job is beating a small batch of cake batter or mashing...

There’s one simple rule when buying knives for your kitchen: The right knife for the right job. It may sound logical enough, but grabbing any old knife that’s nearby to do a job can lead to lost productivity and a shorter lifespan for the knife. So here’s a shortlist of the very basic, must-have knives for every kitchen, along with some thoughts from the folks who use knives most—chefs.

You may have seen Livebookings, Europe's largest online restaurant reservation service provider, seated next to OpenTable, their American equivalent, at the 2011 NRA Show in Chicago. That may be the last time they sit comfortably at the same table.

It’s an exciting time in hospitality technology. We’re right on the cusp of some really great game-changers, offering ways to improve the guest experience that we never before imagined. Which ones seem to have more legs than others?

With today’s ever-increasing energy costs, restaurant operators are taking a closer look at the energy use of their major kitchen equipment.

HOUSTON (May 20, 2013)—Sysco Corporation, North America's largest foodservice distribution company, introduced its new Solutions and Services business,...

Sizzling plates of fajitas travel from kitchen to dining room many times a day at each of the more than 1,500 Chili’s restaurants.

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