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Court keeps restaurants’ hopes alive on collecting from insurer

A federal judged ruled that losses as well as damages could be covered by a business-interruption policy.

It's always something

You've switched to 4-week accounting periods. You're using the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants. You're even taking inventories and calculating prime costs on a weekly basis. So why do the other "numbers" on your P&L still look screwy?

Here we run through a glossary of variations on the big natural sweeteners, from brown sugar to sorghum syrup with some interesting facts thrown in along the way.

Added to the growing list of business skills that a DSR must be familiar with, the review and consultation of P&L’s just might be the most productive and...

You don’t have to insure your part-time workers—defined as less than 30 hours a week—but you do have to include them in calculating your number of full-time workers.

Year after year, Tim Edwards, a partner at two-unit Florida casual concept Fudpucker's (not to be confused with burger chain Fuddruckers), watched as his insurance costs took huge bites out of the company's profits.

Boozman, who serves on the House Transportation Committee, and Allen, a member of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, were presented...

Both workers at the two-person Rochester office were laid off; no jobs were displaced at the Long Island location, which was operated by a management group...

(October 31, 2012)—Wholesale produce distribution in the Northeast remains in limbo in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.Distributors aren’t certain how...

The anti-smoking crusade has come a long way, baby. Despite howls of protest from restaurant and nightclub owners, the smoking ban has gained considerable momentum since California unveiled its historic smoke-out in 1998.

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