Hotels reach out to the remote workforce to boost business

Work-from-home folks who want a change of scenery can snag special “work-from-hotel” deals.


An upscale hotel restaurant opens with many bells and whistles

Ambitious plans for Eldr+Rime in Wisconsin’s first Renaissance Hotel were in the works pre-pandemic, and little changed for the opening.

Nearly one out of four mortgage-backed hotel loans are delinquent, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

The foodservice operator has told at least 3,000 employees in airports around the country that their layoffs could turn permanent in October.

The canvass by the American Hotel & Lodging Association also found that much of the industry is still out of work.

After a devastating five months, the industry is confronting uncertainty and an acknowledged need to invent new ways of generating revenue, including food and beverage sales.

Food and beverage managers have to balance staffing with uncertain occupancy rates.

The summer vacation season is here, but Americans are sticking close to home.

7 of 10 say they would like to see more stimulus spending aimed specifically at helping the hospitality industry.

To lure guests back to restaurants, bars, catered meetings and overnight stays, hotels are creating strict guidelines and innovative changes.

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