Taco John’s introduces sirloin steak nachos LTO

The Mexican chain also brought back a seasonal dessert.

Wing Men Face Off

When your concept is all about chicken wings, smart buying is key to profitability in a time of rising prices. A pair of operators share their strategies.

The quest for customers is prompting some chains to think retro.

It’s hard to believe that a mere five years ago, menu developers, purchasing agents, food manufacturers and restaurant customers were in the grip of the low-carb craze.

The chain intends to pull out of the Plenti expanded loyalty network in May.

They are every operator’s dream: loyal customers who enjoy trying new cuisines and who are receptive to advertising messages. The demographic? African-Americans.

The quick-service chain is also planning a permanent memorial at the unit where the shooting occurred.

Among the dark clouds of recession, restaurants have so far found at least one silver lining: the cost of basic foodstuffs.

Plenty of foodservice distributors now have corporate chefs to help with menu development, but how many can boast of an on-staff sommelier who provides wine-service training?

Standout food and service are great, but not necessarily enough to ensure survival, let alone growth, in this environment. Last rites have been read the past couple of years to plenty of restaurants that did a good job of providing both.

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