Ross Kamens: Noodles & Co.

Ross Kamens' skiing buddies are mad at him. Ever since he became the executive chef of a chain aiming to grow to 315 locations in the next five years, he just doesn't have time for the slopes anymore.


A bit of menu magic

Menu engineering techniques boost sales of high profit menu items. Here are two techniques always lead to higher profits.

"You Can Have It In Any Color... As Long As It's Black"

Can colors affect appetite? How about perceptions of cleanliness and sanitation?

Foodservice is very much at home in the "Away From Home" portfolio of Campbell Soup Co., Camden, NJ. The branded manufacturer recently announced a strategic...

Menus have limited space. Guests have limited attention spans.

Managing a reservation policy is a difficult and often stressful undertaking.

In my early days as a restaurateur I learned a valuable lesson about guest perceptions. By featuring the right branded products, I improved my profits.

There's more than one way to the top. A significant number of senior executives at top foodservice companies began their career as an entry level employee in the company. Yes, we're talking about bussers, preppers, and taco stuffers. Loyalty pays off.

Healthy eating is a priority for me, especially now that I have kids. Keeping nutritional claims, labeling and terms straight is a challenge. I become completely stymied when roaming the grocery aisles. What exactly is "lite" cheese?