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4 ways restaurants are seeking brand loyalty through app-based rewards

Hitting on promos that bring in new loyalty members while also boosting the bottom line can be a tricky tightrope to cross.


How restaurants are handling Twitter’s new design

Less than a week ago, Twitter rolled out a new design for profile pages. Some operators have embraced the challenge. Others have more to learn.

What's new again? Big juicy steaks, burgers, and prime rib. After years of eating less of the stuff, Americans have stopped beefing about health woes and started indulging again.

Goldman has a 25-year record in financial and executive positions in high-technology and publicly-traded companies. Until recently, he served as cfo of...

In this down economy, some restaurants have taken their eye off beverage while trying to survive. That’s a big, possibly fatal, mistake.

HOUSTON (September 23, 2011 - GlobeNewswire)—Sysco Corporatio announced today that C. Frederick Lankford, president of Sysco Eastern Maryland, has been...

We asked chefs to name some of their favorites; as we would expect, apps that make chef’s lives in the kitchen easier are the most popular.

SALINAS, CA (February 12, 2013)—Markon Cooperative, Inc., the produce source of eight independently owned foodservice companies, launched a mobile app that...

Telling fact from science fiction isn’t always easy at this year’s tech-rich National Restaurant Association convention. See if you can determine which advancements in restaurant technology are real, and which you can still only find on the Enterprise.

Recently, many big brands have started bringing professionals into the c-suite to head up tech efforts—from security and payment in the age of data breaches to consumer-facing mobile apps.

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