This summer's exceptional heat is creating more challenges for restaurant employers

Some employees don't want to work in an inferno, while others are having shifts cut because customers don't want to brave hellish temperatures.


Hotel service fees can be hidden by confusing lingo

Consumers, the FTC and even President Biden are calling for more transparency around the mysterious charges that hotels tack onto guests’ bills.

After wages and other costs have taken off, operators have responded by adding extra charges to the bill. The move risks alienating consumers and attracting regulatory scrutiny. But operators say they don’t have a choice.

The rules for employers vary greatly—if they exist at all in a jurisdiction. The volume of do’s and don’ts is expected to soar as the fees proliferate and Washington, D.C., figures out a model.

The drop-off pushed traffic into negative territory, but executives say a simultaneous rise in on-site business is better for the concept.

New research also shows that fans wish drive-thrus were open longer.

A Deeper Dive: Scott Lawton, CEO and cofounder of bartaco, joins the podcast to talk about tacos, customer loyalty and the growing trend of surcharges.

As COO, Hal Lawlor helped the barbecue chain return to its roots. Now, his target is guest satisfaction. "That elevated expectation is back," he said.

A new survey found that 63% were hit with an increase in 2023, leaving 45% unable to cover their June fee.

Josh Kern is working to eliminate distractions and focus on the basics at SPB Hospitality's 16 restaurant brands.

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