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Happier hour

Here’s a sampling of happy hour strategies that go beyond the usual.


Where fine dining and online deals meet

Fine-dining restaurants and upscale food vendors, typically wary of participating in online deal programs, are taking a careful look at LivingSocial Gourmet, LivingSocial’s invitation-only channel for food-savvy consumers.

According to the samplers hanging in your finer Mongolian yurts, “If the herring stings when slapped across your face, don’t suggest a flounder.” Actually, I made that up, but you can almost see the scale marks on the faces of fast-food executives these days, so there’s some license to be taken. Besides, all of them should be dispatched to Mongolia if they go ahead with what they’re considering.

Putting a value on Red Lobster isn’t a done deal in the view of some Darden Restaurant shareholders. And the only things sharper than their pencils appear to be their tongues.

On March 26th of this year, Shoney's CEO Steve Lynn met with his shareholders in the fifth floor auditorium of the First American Center in Nashville.

The ubiquitous Zagat survey has just released its guide of leading national restaurants for 2005, along with the finding that the average cost of dinner out is climbing.

Can a $25 bottle of wine become the star of your wine list? how about a $15 bottle? We think they can. It takes some digging to find wines that you can sell in that price range, so that’s just what we did. And we found plenty that fit the bill. Not just okay wines, but great ones. A lot of them. There are 84 wines here—and each one provides both you and your customers with a quality product at a very good price.

Renewable fuel competes for the corn harvest, and restaurants pay the price.

This is Harry Bond and he runs a pizza chain, and no pizza chain can be happy about the tough times the segment is facing.

Wine drinkers are looking for fair pricing in these cash-strapped times.Although there are plenty of wine pricing formulas out there—some simple, some...

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