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Tips for buying shellfish

In this year of rising food costs, the good news is… shellfish don’t eat grain.


2010 product preview: What's next?

Optimism is in the air as we look ahead to 2010, but product and menu developers are proceeding with caution.

Jay Siff, Founder and CEO of Moving Targets, is committed to helping you make more money. With his 18+ years in retailing and 18+ years in direct marketing,...

There would seem no way possible 2012 could be as withering a year in commodity prices as 2011, and the New Year kicked off with positive news: Congress allowed its 30-year-old subsidies for corn-based ethanol to expire. Ethanol will still be produced, but commodity forecasters expect that in the long run, corn-based fuel production will take up less and less of the corn crop, meaning less competition and better prices for food uses.

In one corner, c-stores, trying to reinvent themselves and steal customers from restaurants by beefing up the quality and quantity of their food.

Mobile loyalty programs are popping up faster than dandelions in springtime, even though just over one third of consumers (36 percent) say they participate in a restaurant-based loyalty program, according to a Technomic Market Intelligence Report on loyalty marketing. However, notes the report, 80 percent agree they would sign up if the restaurant they visit most often offered a program.

How do you fit hefty menu analyses that can stretch over hundreds of SKUs into the budget?

Food is much more than a way to put fuel in the tank. It’s the source of fables, the foundation of family traditions, the core of our businesses and a pastime for foodies and gourmonds. It’s even a great pesticide and industrial strength cleaner!

Whether they're seeking to build box stores, banks, homes, or restaurants, everyone's throwing elbows in a rush to stick their flag into what seem to be the last remaining bits of real estate on the planet.

Like other commodities, the laws of supply and demand go a long way in determining beef prices.

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