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Birds flock to the menu

Although chicken and turkey costs are trending slightly upward, they are still better buys than red meat.

Consumer Trends

Consumers expect same prices for healthier alternatives

Though many Americans understand the importance of eating healthfully, the majority of consumers expect to pay no more for healthier items than they would for other menu options. Fully 70% of adults over 50 (a group that typically expresses more interest in healthy eating than their younger counterparts) said they would not pay an additional fee for healthier items.

Happy Hours have become a fourth daypart in many establishments, boosting food and beverage sales during the slower late afternoon-early evening time slot. With competition for Happy Hour customers heating up, Technomic's American Express MarketBriefing looks at the the factors that bring in traffic and keep guests happy.

Healthier choices, more local produce and rising menu prices are just a few of the trends restaurants are expecting to see in 2013, according to Restaurant.com, a site that offers discounts to diners. The popular site recently polled 106 fast-casual, QSR and full-service restaurants across the country to find out what’s on operators’ radar in 2013.

Here’s a sampling of the restaurant-relevant laws and regulations that went into effect with the New Year.

Chris Martone used to have a very different life, culinarily speaking.

Restaurants are offering late-night menus to please night owls who want exciting food and drink into the wee hours.

If you're looking at newspaper ads, ask for the ad agency discount. Agencies generally receive a 15 percent commission for buying ads.

In compiling our second annual ranking of the fastest-growing up-and-coming restaurant chains in America —the ones tallying sales between $25 million and $50 million—we were struck by how many new growth stories there were to tell. Thirty-one of this year’s Future 50 growth chains, or 62 percent, are entirely new to the list. That tells us that the entrepreneurial spirit thrives in 2007, and that the restaurant business is still where it lives.

The boneless, center-cut sirloin is cut from the top butt; it’s a single muscle devoid of any sinew. It resembles a filet mignon in appearance but is a better value, averaging 25 percent food cost. Brandt’s cattle are corn-fed for 365 days without growth promotants, producing steaks that are tender with rich, concentrated beef flavor.

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