Silence of the lambs

The industry is foolishly allowing the proponents of unionization to control the conversation about wages and opportunity.

So much for profits

The industry is poised to slip back into a price war. Yet quality, not dirt-level prices, is what’s selling. So why’s it happening?

Two in five people say they are willing to spend more on meals that showcase new and interesting flavors, finds a recent Technomic study of consumer flavor trends. And consumers—especially Millennials—are seeking a broader spectrum of food choices, indicating that options for more authentic and traditional foods are increasingly important. Adding or adjusting sauce applications is just one easy and economical way to satisfy this customer craving.

To make sure your promotions don’t go down and out, consider these tips.

Forty years ago there was no expectation that a fast food job would pay a living wage, much less support a household.

With all the emphasis on healthy eating, it would seem that consumers would be ordering more seafood at restaurants. Fish is generally lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than red meat and many species boast a generous dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

COLUMBIA, SC (June 19, 2013)—US Foods has opened the country’s third Chef’Store in Columbia, South Carolina. Chef’Store is a wholesale food and...

Millennials continue to exert influence on the world of beverages. They like their drinks on the sweet side and they like lots of choices. Suppliers have gotten the message and responded with specialty beverages aimed at that finicky demographic.

Mobile loyalty programs are popping up faster than dandelions in springtime, even though just over one third of consumers (36 percent) say they participate in a restaurant-based loyalty program, according to a Technomic Market Intelligence Report on loyalty marketing. However, notes the report, 80 percent agree they would sign up if the restaurant they visit most often offered a program.

At the height of the recession, restaurateurs resorted to head-turning deals to drive traffic. Now that the economy is more or less in recovery, are consumers still seeking deep discounts, or are they more interested in a unique experience, an innovative menu or some other differentiating factor?

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