Why U.S. restaurateurs should heed what's happening in the U.K.

Reality Check: Soaring menu prices are expected to cut Britain's population of fish-and-chips joints in half. There's a lesson in there for operators on this side of the Atlantic.

Consumer Trends

3 anvils hanging over restaurateurs' heads

Crystal balls tend to be hazy. Here are some what-ifs that may be difficult to tune in.

Limited-service restaurants raised prices 0.4% last month and 6% over the past year, even as grocery inflation continued to ease.

The association wants operators to speak out against a ban on service fees, which have become increasingly popular at restaurants.

With beef inflation expected to stick around for the next few years, steakhouses and meat-focused concepts are creating strategies to manage sourcing and the menu. It's all about being flexible.

At the Barclays Eat Sleep Play conference, Greg Levin said consumers remember prices from four years ago and have yet to adjust to the higher cost of dining out.

A Deeper Dive: Consumer strategist and author Lisa Miller joins the podcast to talk about how consumers think about restaurants’ overall value.

About 25% of shoppers cooked for themselves or purchased ready-to-eat supermarket items during 2023, compared with a 17% rate last year.

Limited-service prices continue to rise faster than inflation and are up 30% since 2019. That has more customers thinking their fast-food visit isn’t worth it.

Eating places are closing at the rate of one per week because of the one-two-three combination.

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