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Consumer Trends

Why legalized weed could be a boon to the restaurant business

It looks like Canadian restaurateurs will reap the benefits first, but U.S. operators need to catch up, big time.


6 must-follow trends that dominated day 1 of the National Restaurant Association Show

Here’s what had attendees on the show floor buzzing—and lining up for more.

Industry experts offer their guesses on what the unit of the future will look like.

Class action alleges no-tipping policies are "conspiracy" to raise menu prices.

With the new year come new takes on consumer-driven trends. Here's a preview.

We present 50 smart, trend-forward ideas that have hit the restaurant industry throughout the year.

Here's a look behavioral shifts that may impact restaurants this year.

A recent study suggests restaurants should target marijuana indulgers in states that have legalized the drugs recreational use.

Restaurants court consumers with concepts designed for next-level hospitality and social engagement.

Discover what's driving diners’ behavior in 2018.

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