How restaurants can score new fans even as sporting venues reopen

For restaurants that cater to sports fans, this is a prime opportunity to beat traditional sports venues at their own game.

Consumer Trends

The restaurant critic’s job has changed … maybe forever

Traditional restaurant reviews were a casualty of the pandemic, but change was in the air pre-COVID. What happens next?

Forced to change how they do business, restaurant operators turned to ghost kitchens, virtual brands, drive-thrus and more.

A lot happened in the restaurant industry in the months before COVID-19 hit. Here's a look back.

Food and beverage product innovators are invited to submit applications to be honored as developing the year’s most delicious products

Here are 10 currents arising from this year’s list.

RB editors weigh in on the year's defining traits.

Third-party delivery platforms are well-positioned with ample delivery partners and robust marketing strategies to help restaurants get set up for success.

Consumers are becoming more health conscious as they seek food with health benefits of plant-centric dishes, concentrating on protein and flavor of foods.

The barbecue ribs concept is trying four plant-based dishes that are traditionally made with beef or other animal proteins.

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