Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


7 drink trends getting customers in the holiday spirit

See which flavors and preparations are trending in seasonal cocktails, mocktails and other beverages.


Brand in a bottle

Two operators discover that private-label wines can differentiate the list and boost sales.

Dairy Queen and Burger King are the most recent chains to join Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Chipotle, Arby’s and Panera in removing sodas from kids’ menus.

“Unchaining the chain” is more than just a string of buzzwords, says Beverage Director Cameron Bogue of the tagline for Earls Kitchen + Bar—it...

Chinese and Indian drinks and a Japanese snack start to make waves on U.S. menus.

Restaurants are still grappling with the potential effects of wildfires in Napa.

Beer lists go hyperlocal as restaurants partner with craft brewers in their own backyards.

Now that Manhattans, sidecars and other classic drinks from the early 20th century are on cocktail lists, bartenders are mining the oldies for inspiration.

Step aside, craft beer—the element of surprise may be the real emerging star at British-Indian restaurant Pub Royale. While not entirely divorced from the...

Take your cocktails out of the glass and into one of these creative carriers.

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