Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


Caribou Coffee launches holiday menu

Guests can choose from three specialty beverages this year.


Upscale to a tea

High-craft riffs are creating new revenue and profit opportunities.

Boost the check by refreshing the menu with signature lemonades.

Coffees, frozen drinks and shakes get a kick of heat from chili peppers.

Just in time for warmer weather, operators are mixing up new riffs on sangria.

One fruit that’s making waves in the cocktail world is the blueberry. Small but mighty, this fruit lends itself well to a wide range of spirits and other cocktail bases.

Non-alcoholic drinks can benefit from happy hour promotions, too.

While early tiki concepts used concentrates and canned juices, today, it’s all about fresh juices and quality ingredients, says Rob Goldberg.

With craft cocktails appearing at almost every corner bar, Cafe Adelaide sought a way to differentiate itself from the milieu. Enter its Cocktail Club, a way...

Restaurants are offering a new wave of frosty drinks to draw customers this summer.

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