Beverage trends spilling into the restaurant industry


Coffee drinking evolves into the coffee experience

Coffee drinkers, especially older millennials, aren’t just gulping coffee for a simple morning pick-me-up. They want a deeper, more sophisticated coffee experience that’s achieved through high-end brewing methods and premium ingredients.


Cold Coffee is Heating Up

There’s no doubt about it: Cold coffee beverages are hot. From straight-up iced coffee to premium cold brew and ultra-trendy nitro, these chilly java jolts have hooked consumers, who are willing to pay for refreshing, craveable brews throughout the day.

When it comes to trying to define the millennial generation, it’s hard to make generalizations. There is one thing, however, that can be said about them with some certainty: They love specialty coffee beverages. And that’s not just opinion; the statistics bear it out.

Like the coffee culture that percolated over the last two decades, made-to-order juices, sodas and frozen drinks promise to be the next wave of liquid gold.

Frozen beverages today appeal to a broad audience and, more importantly, can make an important contribution to their bottom line without adding a lot of labor.

Beverage menus have evolved from a list of simple soft drinks to include new staples such as signature lemonades as well as innovative twists on classic iced teas and craft sodas.

Patrons want increased choices and customization, and nowhere is that more evident than at the coffee and tea station. But another reality for operators is that prep areas are getting smaller.

If your customers are opting for tap water because they don’t see any interesting beverage alternatives on your menu, that's like, well, throwing money down the drain.

The rise of specialty beverages is proof positive that for restaurateurs, signature beverage programs are no longer an option—they’re critical for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

With big players such as Taco Bell and Panera Bread touting their recent moves to all-natural ingredients, it’s never been more important for operators...

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