Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


Chipotle pulls the switch on GMOs

Chipotle pledged to move to 100 percent non-GMO ingredients in March 2013. This April, it made good on its word.


Menu grabbers of the month

Here are some of the more unusual products chains are touting this winter to set themselves apart.

Shifts in consumer preferences are remaking what operators are putting between the brioche.

A review of the trends likely to reshape menus in the months ahead revealed some fun and out-there currents. Here's a sampling.

During a difficult time for many restaurant operators, a few are having sales success with new menu items. Here's a sampling of those killer lures.

Grilled apples, banana ketchup and berry gummies bring new life to common fruits.

Adding or expanding brunch can boost customer counts—but it doesn’t come without challenges.

As operators continue to look for new revenue streams, many are expanding or retooling their catering programs—and differentiating what they offer to the office crowd.

See how a burrito chain is beefing up meat-free options.

The chain will now offer its Sunday brunch menu on Saturdays, too.

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