Food trends and recipes to keep menus fresh


6 ways to menu Sunday suppers

Full-service restaurants are filling seats on Sunday nights with special dinner promotions.


Signature sandwich recipes with a twist

Swapping one sauce or condiment for another or subbing grilled veggies for meat can create a sandwich with a different flavor profile and a unique selling point.

Operators outline six tactics they use to sell trademark dishes.

To extend its reach and better compete with local restaurants, a college dining operation is leaning into meal kits.

The tiered menu allows guests to choose drinks and appetizers priced at $4, $5 or $6.

New menu items include tater tots, sandwiches and a line of salads.

Consumers and operators alike sometimes think of soup as a primarily cold-weather dish, but with a bit of tweaking of ingredients and flavors to reflect the seasons, soup can be eaten and enjoyed year-round.

Getting bored with winter produce? These five recipes offer fresh inspiration, featuring fruits and vegetables available right now.

With the rising popularity of foods such as Nashville hot chicken and Sriracha everything, it’s safe to say that consumers love bold, spicy flavors.

Customers are starting to realize that many cocktails pack a load of calories. Responding to rising demand, a growing number of restaurants are developing slimmer sippers.

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