Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


10 limited-time offers with the most consumer appeal

These LTOs tempted customers in October.


Point of origin stories bring authenticity to the table

As the list of food sourcing information keeps growing, from all-natural to sustainable and antibiotic-free to grass-fed, operators face the challenge of deciding which stories to tell.

The coffee chain’s holiday-themed cups have been a frequent source of controversy over the years.

The chain is offering free chicken to customers who make a 12-hour drive from Fort Stockton, Texas, to New Orleans.

Here's how restaurants can use social-media strategies to boost traffic.

See which LTOs resonated with customers the most during September, when comfort foods made a comeback.

The $5 lineup includes pizza, wings and new Cinnabon Mini Rolls.

The industry now knows what a pile of frozen pizzas were doing inside a Little Caesars, and just how far In-N-Out intends to grow beyond its California roots.

Pei Wei is sparring with its fast-casual rival in an online marketing campaign highlighting menu transparency.

A Washington, D.C., hot spot quickly backtracked from a promo tied to the Kavanaugh hearings, while an Atlanta beer specialist drew fire for hosting a controversial candidate.

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