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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


5 ways operators plan to cash in on St. Patrick’s Day

These restaurants are looking beyond corned beef and cabbage to draw holiday sales.


5 tips for optimizing mobile apps and loyalty programs

Here are a few tips for launching and maintaining an effective and engaging loyalty program.

Price may not even be the most important factor

Secret menus were once the way chains let hardcore fans know they were special. Now the means may well be doughnut- and pizza-themed sneakers.

Music can help make or break a restaurant experience, so with help from Technomic, we found the top 10 casual-dining playlists.

Restaurant Business’ ranking of restaurant operators—chains, independents and chefs—by social media activity.

To boost engagement with its “neighborhood” and generate some social media buzz, Applebee’s, the country’s 10th largest chain by sales, will turn over its Instagram feed to its customers for the next 12 months, Adweek reports, relying in a big way (although not solely) on user-generated content—read: free content—to populate the page.

Restaurant brands put unique spins on #BackToTheFuture Day.

Here are six ways to preserve your image when closing a restaurant.

Here’s how restaurants are sharing sustainability efforts without sounding preachy or putting customers to sleep.

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