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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Understanding Tumblr

The humble online blog has been a staple of many restaurants’ websites for years, so much so that the format has started to look a little stale. Tumblr is a blog site, but it’s a bit different than its elders. You can post photos, text and videos like with any other blog platform, but it also has a secret weapon that is catching the attention of restaurant operators: community. On Tumblr, no blog is an island.


Culinary classes are catching on

Teaching classes in restaurants is a popular way to reach new customers, bring in more revenue, reward frequent guests or showcase an event space.

Here’s a look at some of the more unique promotions catering to college hoops fans.

Gift card sales are expected to climb this year. A new channel getting restaurants' attention is social media, where social gifting—sending someone a credit for a coffee or other gift via social media—is still a new phenomenon. Is it right for restaurants?

A social media moment can become a marketing gold mine with just a handful of tweets, as Wendy's learned this year.

Wendy’s is just one of the restaurant brands angling to boost digital business.

Here’s a look at some of the creative marketing plays for 2018's tournament.

Operators are offering their own versions of meal kits, serving up bundled family meals that often have an off-premise bent.

By employing creative and time-tested social media techniques, these brands have fans buzzing.

The editors of Restaurant Business saluted 12 restaurant chains in the social media competition of the inaugural RB/FSTEC Awards. Here are some of the practices and approaches used by the standouts to engage their audiences.

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