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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Restaurant marketing turns weird

Difficult times have brought extraordinary measures, including these off-the-wall attention hooks.


Starbucks switches its happy hour to invitation-only

The coffee chain is also moving the promo’s focus away from Frappuccinos to a wider range of afternoon deals.

The concepts winning with their marketing efforts aren’t necessarily grabbing the full audience. Here’s a look at the chains resonating with different genders as well as those scoring with both.

You’d think that celebrity chefs would make their restaurants the stars of social media. But in our rankings of independent restaurants, the most avid users are hardly household names. Big name chefs, it seems, prefer to tweet and post under their own names, not their restaurants’ or company’s.

A look around at the competitions seems to show just as many social media successes (Starbucks) as stumbles (McDonald’s). Where should you focus your efforts in the coming year? We asked a few social media superstars for their advice.

Whataburger has a slam dunk with a Twitter post featuring an NBA star.

Industry pros share advice for boosting drink sales and creating a cocktail culture.

A look at some mobile eateries that have caught our attention.

Here’s how operators are looking ahead and staffing up for more digital times.

The chain enlists Alfonso Ribeiro and Wink Martindale to sell its new $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu

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