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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Culinary classes are catching on

Teaching classes in restaurants is a popular way to reach new customers, bring in more revenue, reward frequent guests or showcase an event space.


How concepts aim to score March Madness sales

Here’s a look at some of the more unique promotions catering to college hoops fans.

Gift card sales are expected to climb this year. A new channel getting restaurants' attention is social media, where social gifting—sending someone a credit for a coffee or other gift via social media—is still a new phenomenon. Is it right for restaurants?

A social media moment can become a marketing gold mine with just a handful of tweets, as Wendy's learned this year.

Wendy’s is just one of the restaurant brands angling to boost digital business.

Here’s a look at some of the creative marketing plays for 2018's tournament.

If you do it right and allow folks to message about your brand freely, while you monitor and offer input along the way, social media gold—brand awareness, allegiance and sales—awaits. So how do you do it right? In the world of social media marketing, if you love your brand, you have to set it free.

This time of year offers a prime opportunity for real-time messaging.

The editors of Restaurant Business saluted 12 restaurant chains in the social media competition of the inaugural RB/FSTEC Awards. Here are some of the practices and approaches used by the standouts to engage their audiences.

A “spokes-lime,” a taco-hot dog hybrid and a donut brushed with edible silver are a few of the surprising promotions spicing up restaurants this week.

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