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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


How restaurants are amplifying their brands via music festivals

A loudspeaker isn’t the only way they’re getting brand messages across.


The Feltenstein Formula for better social media

In the mind of marketing consultant Tom Feltenstein, branding is how your brand makes people feel about themselves.

While “millennial” was one of the top buzzwords of the Restaurant Leadership Conference last week, much of the conversation revolved around how this demographic interacts with brands—which means technology.

Discounting is also on the menu at the casual-dining chain.

The made-up holiday offers an opportunity to serve the Thanksgiving crowd before their traditional turkey dinner. Here's how seven restaurant operations are capitalizing on the opportunity.

Just Salad shares what it’s figured out about the art of this growing practice.

A new search feature will also recommend better times to drop in.

To earn the Five Diamond rating, AAA says restaurants must excel in all areas—food, service, decor and more.

Some of the industry's biggest names were smeared this week by developments that seemed too far-out to be true. That's because they weren't. Except for those court developments.

The difference between a breakthrough idea and a really, really bad one is often how much thought is given to the possible fallout. If you doubt that rule of physics, read on.

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