New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Tupelo Honey Cafe’s big bar play

A one-of-a-kind unit capitalizes on Colorado’s looser liquor laws.


The proactive approach

Enforcing proper food safety procedures is crucial to the wellbeing of your customers; however, keeping employees safe in the workplace is equally essential. A variety of new products can help make the restaurant environment a little safer. We zero in on a few of them.

To paraphrase the Gershwins, “You say panini, I say panino...” Technically, if you’re making just one of these popular Italian-style grilled sandwiches, it’s a panino; more than one, it’s panini. No matter what you call them, you need a dedicated grill to make a panino or panini the right way.

Apple Pay. Tap-and-Go. PayPal. EMV. In the ever-evolving world of payment, restaurants are being forced to reevaluate their POS systems and potentially spend large sums to upgrade with the times.

A special task force is tackling such duties as negotiating third-party deals systemwide.

The third-party deliverer is adding fuel to the ghost restaurant movement.

More dramatic steps have overshadowed some of the other turnaround moves the burrito chain has made in recent days. Nor has it spared the brand from being chopped on by competitors. Here's a recount of what you may have missed.

Year one brought plenty of breaks, but also some frustrations.

Indulging an impulse can be problematic for restaurants, even when they're not the ones reacting. Here are some situations where restaurants were sucked into trouble because someone couldn't help themselves.

Even the pizza chain was startled by the new way that's been blazed to order a pie. And that's only one of the extreme moves that turned heads this week.

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