Chili's Grill & Bar


Are lower profits for casual dining the new normal?

Chili’s lower margins freaked out Wall Street, RB’s The Bottom Line says, but that might be more common in the future.


Apprenticeships prove a bright spot in the struggle to secure restaurant managers

The NRAEF’s model program is turning 1,000 line-level employees into career-minded leaders.

Despite improvement at Applebee’s and BJ’s, demand at varied menu chains remains weak, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Discounts are still a staple, but new come-ons include free rides and tamales.

The casual chain is inviting service men and women to pursue apprenticeships to become restaurant managers.

New research finds turnover climbing again, along with restaurants’ hiring plans.

Transactions increased by 4%, buoyed in part by a steep climb in takeout business.

The two-decade casual-dining veteran is joining TDn2K as CEO.

Have food, will travel? Operators are updating offerings and sourcing new packaging as off-premise continues to grow.

This week's head-spinning restaurant moments included a suggestion in court that the "b" in IHOb stood for "bad news for Applebee's." That's just one of the long-shot gambles that came to light as oddsmakers considered the likelihood of restaurants charging into sports betting and who'll win the chain vs. independent bout.