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First Watch


First Watch sees price-sensitive consumers trading down from delivery

Chain officials say the high prices of third-party services are driving patrons to dine on-site.

Consumer Trends

Full-service restaurants are some of the most popular brands on Yelp

First Watch and Texas Roadhouse led a strong showing for sit-down chains on a newly published ranking.

New units are breaking records as the daytime-dining concept evolves to serve more diners and build profitability.

Restaurant Rewind: Dayparts are being varied as much as menus these days. The trend started 45 years ago with a brand called Le Peep.

The daytime dining brand has held the line on pricing and refused to trim its hours or menu. The focus will be on raising the profits of new units.

The daytime dining chain says customers are opting for its $15 breakfasts and lunch as a more economical alternative to dining out at dinner.

Advent International, which owns three-quarters of the breakfast-and-lunch chain's stock, will sell at least 4.5 million shares in a secondary offering.

At age 68, he's stepping back after promoting the concept's growth for almost four decades.

Same-store sales at the a.m. chain rose 13.4% in the second quarter as customers continue to flock to its restaurants.

The new straws, called Phade, are designed to biodegrade in water within months compared to the approximately 200 years it takes plastic ones to disappear.

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