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10 largest family-dining chains ranked by systemwide sales

The segment and its sub-sectors like the buffets market haven't had an easy time post-pandemic, prompting many members of the old guard to arm themselves with shiny new upstarts as future growth vehicles. But there's still plenty of effort being spent on helping the longtime leaders keep their footing, as this look at the Top 10 shows.


For Top 500 family-dining chains, it's back to the future

The segment's old guard is striving to amp up its traditional strength of providing value, but with more relevant and higher-quality menu options.

The full-service veteran was named this year's winner of the Gold Plate award from the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA).

Management at the daytime dining chain said it will focus instead on bringing back strong customer lures from the past.

Reality Check: Old-guard chains are finding the alternative operations to be persistently effective side hustles.

He was involved in the daytime dining chain for 38 years, many of them spent as CEO. "Ken's impact and influence is—and will forever be—felt throughout our organization," current CEO Chris Tomasso said.

The breakfast-and-lunch chain is proceeding slowly and selectively in building its stack.

The 70th annual awards from the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association recognize leaders who have made lasting contributions to advance the foodservice industry.

To mark the opening of its new location in Downtown Nashville, the breakfast-lunch concept is giving Music City guests a little something different.

The chain will pick up 21 restaurants in North Carolina, bringing total franchised location acquisitions since May to 44.

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