First Watch

Opening turnout temporarily closes Chicago’s newest food hall, Latinicity

The place said it handled 10,000 customers in three days.

Battle escalates to stop N.Y.’s $15 wage

The NRA is trying a new tack.

An Australian QSR has come up with a new way to generate buzz on social media—employ an animal.

Food halls are booming as consumers buy into the concept of higher-quality, customizable eats at a slightly higher price point. Here are five to watch.

Teaching classes in restaurants is a popular way to reach new customers, bring in more revenue, reward frequent guests or showcase an event space.

U.S. customers made more visits to restaurants in the last year than any other time since the recession began, says NPD Group, indicating improving industry health.

The latest addition to the pizza chain’s tech offerings enables users to track their order status.

Restaurants and bakers can’t get as much as they need.

Highly capitalized and heavily marketed, new entrants in the battle for share of stomach are targeting consumers who want something less strenuous than scratch cooking but less indulgent than dining out.

The multiconcept operator is outfitting Silverspot Cinemas with a polished concept called Trilogy.

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