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First Watch


Chris Tomasso named First Watch CEO

Longtime CEO Ken Pendery will become executive chairman of the fast-growing breakfast chain.

Eataly Chicago closed its doors for a day just a week after opening in December. Why? Not even the operators foresaw how popular it would be.

Think back 30 years ago. Johnson was president. "Bonanza" was a top-rated TV show. "Up, Up and Away" by the 5th Dimension was blaring from transistor radios, and the median family income was less than $10,000.

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 21, 2009)—A campaign to persuade consumers, chefs and food distributors to choose seafood that is healthy for people and beleagured ocean...

While not for all, the design can help build connections and provide entertainment—extra incentive to get guests in the door.

When it comes to restaurant brands, the sales leaders are not always consumers’ favorites for a variety of reasons. Chains best at parlaying customer satisfaction into sales are hard to beat.

The way Madeline Triffon sees it, "I'm just a high falutin bus person."

Untitled DocumentMYRTLE BEACH (February 9, 2010)—If you are a member of the restaurant/hotel industry, you can go to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on...

The new technology enables customers to compare the wait times at units in their area, put their name on the list, and then monitor the time at which they’ll be seated.

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