First Watch


Catching a buzz

When it comes to buzz specifically, it’s about innovation and differentiation, says Chris Tomasso, chief marketing officer of First Watch Restaurants and a board member of the National Restaurant Association’s Marketing Executives Group (MEG).

First Watch buys Egg & I

The combination of two major brands in the breakfast-and-lunch market creates a head-and-shoulders leader in the field.

The two chains were honored by the NRA’s Marketing Executive Group at its meeting Thursday for generating buzz through social media and more conventional marketing means—even though one doesn’t even have a marketing budget.

Coming off a double-digit sales gain that nonetheless disappointed Wall Street, the chain is eying a number of new initiatives, from the Apple Watch to stepped-up advertising.

The new technology enables customers to compare the wait times at units in their area, put their name on the list, and then monitor the time at which they’ll be seated.

The beer and wings chain is using digital, in-store and conventional media to make the claim that it’s the place to watch college basketball’s big moments.

To keep cocktail lists current, progressive mixologists are looking to the past, resurrecting old-fashioned mixers and modifiers with modern twists.

While not for all, the design can help build connections and provide entertainment—extra incentive to get guests in the door.

The first major court test of the NLRB’s decision will be closely watched by restaurant franchisors.

For a limited time, 10 nuggets will be offered for $1.49.

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