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10 states open investigation into restaurants’ ‘no poaching’ pacts

Eight quick-service chains have been asked to provide information on their use of no-hiring agreements.

A carryout-focused chain popular with value-conscious consumers for its “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas

The Thomas Edison of our time has no lock on technological breakthroughs. Check out the leaps that were clocked this week alone in the restaurant business. Hearing footsteps, Elon?

Top franchise companies are driving growth, finds researcher Technomic's Top 400 Franchise Report. The 200 largest franchisees grew sales 8.2 percent in 2014, 2.5 times the rate of the Top 500 chains. Unit growth among these companies, too, was three times higher than their franchisors.

Pizza may be a national staple, but its different styles vary based on regions, from the Quad Cities to New Haven. With regional menu items such as Nashville chicken popping up on menus, could pizza be the next regional hit?

The top and fastest-growing chains don’t always align with average total menu items in their sectors.

Hispanic customers who recently dined out with children younger than 18 years old rated their favorite restaurant chains in a Technomic survey. These are the brands currently winning Hispanic family-dining occasions.

Alfredo sauce and pulled pork are among the new toppings in test at the value pizza chain

As the weather turns colder, chains are tapping into diners’ desire for piping-hot comfort foods, while still keeping an eye on health.

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