Papa John's


Papa John’s franchisees hire a high-powered attorney

The Papa John’s Franchise Association hired Robert Zarco to investigate the brand’s decline.


Papa John’s closes 51 locations

The company’s North America same-store sales declined nearly 10% in the third quarter.

Steve Ritchie and others would get paid if they lose their jobs following a sale, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Several private equity firms, including Roark Capital, are reportedly vying for the pizza chain.

The founder threatened further action if the company doesn't drop the provision keeping him from buying more shares.

An analyst mentioned a few potential candidates, and RB’s The Bottom Line examines them, and what a buyer would have to do.

Mike Nettles was promoted to chief operating and growth officer, among other changes.

Trian Fund, one of Wendy’s biggest shareholders, is reportedly eyeing the pizza chain, sending the stock soaring.

Legion Partners could push the company to refranchise company restaurants, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

A report says the company is asking potential buyers to submit bids.

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