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Seasons 52

Consumer Trends

April's 10 most alluring LTOs

Consumers reveal which chain limited-time offers they were most likely to order based on the name and description.


Chefs' favorite apps

We asked chefs to name some of their favorites; as we would expect, apps that make chef’s lives in the kitchen easier are the most popular.

The Darden chain focuses on low calorie counts for its rotating seasonal dishes

It may be hard to outdo Chicago’s Boarding House restaurant for a nontraditional use of glassware—9,063 wine glasses are suspended from the ceiling as part of a shimmering light fixture. While that may be a bit “over the top,” many restaurants are using glassware for other things besides beverages.

Remaining restaurants will be converted into Eddie V's restaurants.

Darden Restaurants moves decidedly up market with Seasons 52, a stylish grill and wine bar.

Olive Garden is suspending its renovation program, a key part of the brand’s turnaround plan, to gauge the return on investment over a longer timeframe, parent company Darden Restaurants told investors yesterday.

The 100 or so chain executives attending Chicago researcher Technomic’s 2015 Consumer Insights and Planning Program this January learned how the perplexing consumer is evolving under such influences as a tepid economy and rapid-fire technical advances. Some revelations had pens scratching across notepads in a frenzy, including these.

The former Bonefish Grill exec joins Tony Roma’s parent.

Consumers are interested in more than convenience and quality food; they want to feel a personal connection with restaurants. See which brands are winning.

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