This week’s 4 head-spinning moments: Slow sizzlers

The restaurant industry had its own fireworks in recent days. They were just a little harder to spot.


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Recent partnerships won social media buzz for these limited-service brands.

The drive-in chain is believed to be the first national quick-service chain to test a beef-mushroom blend as a variation on its signature product.

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The top three burger chains, all QSRs, own two-thirds of the category's sales.

Here is a roundup of Tuesday meal deals helping drive traffic on that day of the week.

Business as usual is out the door. These factors are causing operators to reshape the traditional model.

McDonald’s revealed last month that it’s a full year ahead of schedule in selling 4,000 company-run restaurants to franchisees, a key turnaround objective it now intends to hit by the end of 2017. The...

Why's an operator cheering a possible upswing in food prices? And has Maine's governor hit on a new way of getting restaurant employees' lobbying help? Those are just some of the questions that were posed by surprising developments of the past week.