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White Castle


The restaurant of tomorrow sounds a lot like yesterday's

Reality Check: With the pandemic fading, it may be back to the future for broad-market restaurant concepts. Just ask participants of a CEO's panel at the Restaurant Leadership Conference.


White Castle says a recent court decision could cost the chain $17B

The potential damages would cover all the instances that 9,500 employees used a biometric security system to access their store's computer.

The chain has been selling one-of-a-kind digital images for a year and will put most of the earnings into its Team Member Relief Fund.

Sweet & Sour: The restaurant business has grappled with labor challenges for about 40 years now, but never a situation as trying as the current one. It’s time to rethink the very nature of restaurant work.

Marketing Bites: No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke; plus, White Castle pushes late night, Nando’s celebrates its South African heritage and more marketing news of the week.

The burger chain is expanding its use of the automated fry cook in a big way after tests helped improve operations.

The chain’s CEO and a Restaurant Leader of the Year nominee counts on tech, positive risk-taking, collaboration and company culture to last another 100 years.

The burger chain opened a location in Orlando on Monday. It's the first location in the state since the 1960s, and customers were willing to wait hours after its opening.

The burger chain has shown that it can still draw a crowd after 100 years, thanks to it willingness to take risks without sacrificing core items that have earned it some loyal customers.

The CEO and great-granddaughter of the company’s founder will take over for her father, Bill Ingram, who is retiring.

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