The latest news and trends in restaurant technology

Borrowing promotions from the big chains

For its programs, chains generally use outside experts with extensive business databases and the staff to manage all the program details. In the past, this option was simply too expensive for independents. Now, web-based technology has changed that, and independent restaurants across the country are taking advantage.


Big Advances in Restaurant Management and POS Systems

Restaurant operators often speak of innovation in terms of putting new signature dishes and food creations on the menu. But where the biggest innovation is happening today may be less on the menu and more in the technologies driving increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Continuously tracking food inventory for what’s been used and what remains in storage lets you make an informed choice when placing vendor orders.

Almost one-quarter (24 percent) of restaurant owners and operators who have not purchased a new restaurant management and POS system within the past three years plan to do so in the next 12 months.

Food preparation and food safety go hand-in-hand. Nothing is more important to your business than preparing, storing and serving food that meets your high standards.

Restaurant chains typically use one of four tactics to deal with vendor product price management to control their food costs.

New research from Original Review, a technology firm focused on gaining customer insights, has uncovered a new take on restaurant reviews. Here are some interesting takeaways.

Using the right restaurant forecasting system can save time and money and prevent the labor and food shortages that disappoint customers.

E-learning courses should play a central role in how you approach and maintain BOH skill development.

Here are a few tips for improving the chances of success with your restaurant technology investment.

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