Why Wingstop isn't afraid of Popeyes' chicken wings

The Bottom Line: The fast-casual wing chain says its sales improve when another brand pushes the product. Here’s why that might be.


Wingstop's next challenge: High expectations

The chicken wing chain’s system sales soared 27% last year as customers flocked to its restaurants for sandwiches and wings. But its stock price declined.

The famed Southern chef is ready to grow his fast-casual concept, saying it’s “a great privilege for somebody to make something as simple as a burger and fries and see how happy it makes people.”

Cost pressures, health concerns and changing consumer tastes are pushing chicken into new menu territory.

The fast-food chicken chain is already the No. 3 provider of quick-service wings, the company said. And the company has plans to improve its ability to serve them.

Williams, previously president of Taco Bell International, will assume her new role at the fast-casual grilled chicken chain on March 11.

She appears to have been in the role since October, but now publicly takes the lead on U.S. operations. Former CEO Bryan Shin shifts to international growth.

The company’s chicken business is “on par” with its beef business as Americans continue to devour more poultry. It plans more chicken products in the coming years.

The fried chicken restaurant chain believes that it can get more efficient, just like its international locations and rival Chick-fil-A.

The chicken chain is permanently introducing wings on Wednesday, adding three new variations.

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