Why you may be giving millennials the creeps

Restaurants' new buzz phrase for capturing consumers is one-to-one marketing--using data captured often without the customer's awareness to personalize a pitch. That snooping and profiling doesn't sit well with some patrons, including our Token Millennial.

Consumer Trends

Top 10 most welcoming chains for solo diners—and 5 that still have work to do

A look at the top chains winning with solo diners—as well as those scoring high with most consumers but missing the mark when it comes to dine-alone guests.

Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program asks consumers to rate their most recent trip to a restaurant and provide an overall rating of their visit.

Comfort and familiarity may be much stronger factors at lunch, while novelty and buzz can be powerful dinner hooks, new information shows.

Chili's and Applebee's are two of the chains betting on the generation they were set to ignore.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, consumers reveal their top restaurant chains for the Mexican favorite.

A new study finds another member of the family has an suspected influence on dining out. Wait until the cat finds out.

Customers share which brands have the menu items they most crave and can’t get anywhere else.

Making sure a dish is delicious and craveable is only a small part of the equation. Here’s a look at what menu-making teams need to consider today.

Men and women each reveal which chain limited-time offers they deem most craveable.

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