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Houston’s Tony Vallone dies at age 75

The lifelong restaurateur was a kingpin of the local dining scene for half a century.


Why Il Mulino decided to declare bankruptcy

The high-end chain filed for seven of its 16 units in a bid to outmaneuver a creditor looking to take the company over.

The former model succumbed to Alzheimer’s after a seven-year battle.

Like the other menu choices a restaurant offers, water options say something about the concept and the image it conveys to guests, Advice Guy says.

The restaurant industry will be poorer in 2020 because of the talents and characters who died in 2019. Here are some of the standouts who were lost.

Along with his brother, Paul, Bartolotta built a namesake foodservice empire that extended to 10 restaurants, catering operations and a contract management business.

The filing is the latest development in a dispute between the company’s majority and minority shareholders over royalty payments for the last 40 years.

The former fine-dining chef soared to fame with his revelations of what really happens in restaurant kitchens.

Here are stealable applications for the menu and more, inspired by casual dining.

Billed as the "Biggest Opening of 2016" when it launched in December, SingleThread is a fine-dining concept dedicated to the details, from an in-depth surveillance system to condensationless water cups.

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