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Restaurant menu price inflation is not slowing

Inflation at restaurants continued to outpace inflation at supermarkets and other retail food outlets, according to new federal data.


As some commodity costs ease, should more restaurants lower prices?

Technomic's Take: Restaurants need to rethink their pricing strategy. While that may not mean lowering menu prices, there is one operator doing just that.

The cost of a night out continued to grow last month as the gap between restaurants and grocery stores narrowed.

Seven tacos and sides and a lineup of Happy Hour specials are on tap for students and locals seeking wallet-friendly food and drink.

A Deeper Dive: Lori Rakoczy, associate principal with Technomic, joins the Restaurant Business podcast to discuss the impact inflation is having on restaurant customers.

Technomic's Take: Younger consumers are not cutting back because of higher prices. But they are looking for the right deal. Here's how operators should respond.

Prices for restaurant meals rose 8.3% year over year in December as full-service operators slowed their price increases. Inflation as a whole also slowed down in the month.

The daytime dining brand has held the line on pricing and refused to trim its hours or menu. The focus will be on raising the profits of new units.

A new survey from the National Restaurant Association shows inflation putting a stronger spotlight on preserving margins.

The multiconcept operator has drastically raised prices, but doesn't know how much more can be passed along.

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