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Supply chain execs share solutions for managing today’s challenges

Restaurants are developing new strategies to navigate product shortages, delays and distribution headaches.


Restaurants are getting more sales and less profit

The Bottom Line: Restaurant sales rose 13% on an annual basis last month and continue to improve. But costs for both labor and food have also taken off. Here’s a look at the data.

Despite a nearly 40-year high in menu price inflation, the industry is giving up profit margins. And consumers are still willing to pay what they’re charging.

The Bottom Line: Higher prices, due to demand, labor and commodity costs, has been the primary reason for the sector’s recovery. But how long can this last?

Limited-service menu prices rose 6.9% while full-service prices were up 4.9% last month as costs rise and consumers shift away from value.

A new type of environmental bill aims to push recycling costs back on packaging users and suppliers. A law has already been passed in Maine, and 10 other states are expected to consider similar measures.

Sales continue to surge at many restaurant chains as operators raise prices and customers make bigger orders. But traffic will have to be a concern eventually, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The industry increased prices at a post-pandemic high in June, but grocery price inflation increased as cost pressures mount.

The survey also found that 5% would check out that model if it'd help a favorite restaurant stay afloat.

A lawsuit says the platforms’ high commissions and pricing restrictions are stifling competition.

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