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Restaurant menu prices hit another 40-year high in June

Prices for full-service restaurants rose 8.9% on an annual basis while fast-food meals increased 7.4% as overall inflation rose at its highest rate since 1981.


USDA takes aim at supply-chain bottlenecks

A financing initiative aims to improve the volume and price of food supplies by fostering loans of startup and growth capital.

The CPI for meals prepared outside the home topped the year-earlier level by 7.4%, the highest jump in 41 years.

Working Lunch: Restaurateurs could be stoking controversy with their stances on everything from guns to tipping.

About 72% of operators fear they won't be able to remain in business if costs don't moderate.

Reality Check: The industry's largest gathering provided nearly everything an operator could want, but it posed some tough questions as well.

The Bottom Line: Sales at restaurants and bars are now at a higher percentage of Americans’ food dollar than they’ve ever been. They can thank higher grocery prices for that.

A sharp increase in the fees has merchants pushing for fundamental changes in the credit card industry.

Prices at table-service locations increased 8.7% year over year last month, and food-away-from-home inflation rose 7.2%. But grocery prices increased even more.

74% expect eating places to shrink portion sizes, and 66% expect a downgrade in ingredients, according to the survey by MarketMan.

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