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Why barbell pricing is the strategy du jour on restaurant menus

The two-pronged approach has been gaining steam amid an economy of haves and have-nots.


Will the pace of menu price hikes slow in 2023?

A look at menu price increases by brand for the year so far and what is expected as food and labor costs ease in the fourth quarter and beyond.

The Bottom Line: Restaurant menu prices kept increasing last month, according to new federal data. But other prices started to ease.

Americans are becoming more vocal about higher prices for food and restaurants and are seeking out more affordable options, a new Yelp report found.

But overall inflation increased more than expected as consumers paid higher prices for food, shelter and medical care.

The price charged by manufacturers rose 1.2% after easing in August, driven by higher charges for transportation and warehousing.

A Deeper Dive: Rich Shank, senior principal with Technomic, joins the Restaurant Business podcast to discuss the impact of menu inflation on consumers.

Restaurant Rewind: Determining when patrons will balk at an increase is older than forks. Here are some of those past telling instances.

Technomic's Take: If consumers already think they're paying more than they are, can operators afford to boost prices?

New data shows that traffic plunges when price increases get too aggressive, to the point of negating any revenue benefits.

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