McDonald's hits back about its prices

Seeking to combat what it calls "inaccurate" information, the company issued a rare comment featuring the average cost of a Big Mac and other menu items. And no, prices have not doubled since 2019.


Is fast food now a luxury? Most Americans think so

Nearly 80% of Americans now view fast food as a “luxury” as rising restaurant menu prices force most of them to cut back on dining out.

The Bottom Line: Big Mac prices, corporate views on Israel-Palestine and even store closures have been subject to misinformation and outright lies. Blame the presidential election.

Rants about Chipotle's portion shrinkage are viral on TikTok, but the fast-casual chain insists nothing has changed and guests can just ask for more.

Prices at limited-service restaurants accelerated last month while grocery store prices declined, according to new federal data.

The casual-dining chain lost business from lower-income guests but believes promotions like $1 margaritas will bring them back.

Management at the daytime dining chain said it will focus instead on bringing back strong customer lures from the past.

Reality Check: The FTC wants the business to change several longstanding operating conventions. Has it heard why that's a bad idea?

The burger mirrors McDonald’s signature sandwich in almost every way and continues Chili’s efforts to steal share from fast-food chains.

Consumers say they’re getting less bang for their buck at sit-down places. Operators are working to change that while still protecting their margins.

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