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FDA suspends menu-labeling rules

Chain restaurants now have the leeway to change their takeout and delivery menus without updating nutritional disclosures accordingly.


Beef quality assurance: Raising beef the right way

The industry is producing more high-quality beef than ever before, with more than 80% of beef grading the highest available USDA quality grades .

The move effectively reverses a June ballot initiative.

A quick check of restaurant companies based in the state shows most would be out of compliance by the end of 2021 unless they make additional appointments.

Recent rulings clarify when restaurants are obliged to pay employees for ancillary activities.

Critics say the measure would still have a negative effect on area jobs.

The law mandates leave time for victims of certain crimes as well as their family members and close associates.

The state Department of Revenue is conducting more than 1,000 audits comparing cash tips reported by restaurants to tips tracked through credit cards; so far restaurants have been fined more than $40,000.

There are many people who work hard to ensure that local, state and national policies and laws benefit and protect the restaurant and hospitality industry. One such group is the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

Adjustments in tech strategies, a big promotion that slipped past unnoticed, why every big chain should be scared and the day fast food lost its mind.

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