Sweetgreen's Caramelized Garlic Steak earns a spot on the permanent menu

In test, the new protein option made up 20% of dinnertime orders, the daypart the fast casual is targeting for growth.


Outback riffs on two core items—steak and onions—for 'Steakmas Season' menu

The holiday lineup is all about indulgence on the food side, but beverage innovation shares equal status with culinary when it comes to menu promotions.

The 671-unit steak chain has risen to the top in a punishing economy largely by breaking the rules.

Five-unit Medium Rare serves one item for one price. “It’s boring,” admits co-founder Mark Bucher, but it works.

Restaurant Rewind: The 1,500-seat, $30 million-a-year landmark may have been the restaurant industry’s greatest value story.

The chain saw a marked slowdown after Labor Day and is planning to ease up on price increases to give consumers a break.

The celebrity chef’s Nusr-Et steakhouse chain is embracing eatertainment, while the recently closed SaltBae Burger is already plotting a U.S. comeback.

These are the steak chains that generated the most sales in 2022, according to the Technomic Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report.

The Olive Garden parent closed its deal for the steakhouse chain Wednesday. Here’s a look at what it’s getting.

Traffic rose 7.6% at the chain in the first quarter. But more guests spelled higher labor costs, which ate into margins.

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