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For many casual chains, growth lies outside the dining room

Nearly every big full-service chain is embracing ghost kitchens, virtual brands and other off-premise channels. Even some historic holdouts have shown signs of cracking.


How ghost kitchens and virtual brands could change the restaurant industry

A Deeper Dive: Former Red Robin CEO Denny Marie Post discusses how these mega trends could change restaurants for years to come.

What we got right and wrong about tech going into 2021, plus the developments we didn’t see coming.

The concept's ability to adapt to what's viral makes it well-suited for the digital restaurant world, said the co-founder of Virtual Dining Concepts.

The delivery-only Impossible Shop offers exclusive recipes and new products from the plant-based meat maker. It's being served out of Dog Haus locations in eight states.

Three leaders of the boom share the ingredients for a successful virtual brand and what the future holds.

The chain expects its virtual brands and ghost kitchens to generate incremental sales, though it’s still too early to tell just how well they’ll do.

The limited-time items are the same as some of the ones offered by the chain's virtual brand, Cosmic Wings.

The delivery-only concept already has 165 locations across three continents thanks to Reef's large and growing kitchen network.

Its parent company, Ordermark, will assume the Nexbite moniker as it brings delivery-only concepts to the forefront.

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