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Consumer Trends

The latest fish story

With all the emphasis on healthy eating, it would seem that consumers would be ordering more seafood at restaurants. Fish is generally lower in fat, cholesterol and calories than red meat and many species boast a generous dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Consumer Trends

Stat of the month: What diners post

Some 29.2 million Americans (13 percent) have posted a food or drink photo from a restaurant to social media. Here’s what else they’re posting.

It’s the demanding guests with no sense of propriety or reserve who truly test a place’s service and diplomatic skills.

Explore the evolution of consumers’ dining behaviors and preferences, and other significant trends in food consumption.

Restaurant trends change year to year, but one thing remains consistent: Service and hospitality are crucial to consumers. This year’s list reveals some shake-ups.

See how XO Marshmallow Cafe + Wonderland makes the most of its 700 square feet.

See what’s driving diners to the morning meal as breakfast consumption dwindles.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, consumers reveal their top restaurant chains for the Mexican favorite.

Technomic forecasts the four ways consumers will impact the restaurant business this year.

The dining-out public was given a heads-up that it might have to think a little more broadly if it intends to understand what's happening in restaurants.

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