Industries all across the country are experiencing the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Discover how it could affect the U.S. foodservice, grocery and convenience industries.


Starbucks is giving employees extra pay for the next month

Workers who continue to come to work at the chain’s open locations will get an extra $3 an hour in "service pay" through April 19.


Vapiano says coronavirus might push it into bankruptcy

The fast-casual chain says it is insolvent and has appealed to the German government for assistance.

The executions urge consumers to help the restaurant industry by ordering delivery, with ample reminders that the option is safe.

CraftWorks says it intends to re-open the restaurants, but acknowledges that may not happen.

The retailer is offering temporary employment to two local restaurants’ workers affected by the pandemic.

The nation's food supply is in a state of crisis, and distribution must shift from the restaurant and foodservice sectors to retail, experts say.

Closed dining rooms will be the death knell for many restaurant companies, some of whom were on weak footing to begin with, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Independent restaurant operators battle to keep their businesses as the coronavirus spreads.

Foodservice groups and establishments prove “it truly takes a village” as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies.

Decision comes as CEO contracts COVID-19, takes temporary leave, Altria says

Retailer, franchisees hiring more employees to keep stores clean and in-stock

Travel-center chain cites increased shipments, commits to keeping stores open as pandemic continues

Here is a list of companies providing help to school nutrition teams as they work to provide off-site meals for students.

Customers can buy meals from the restaurants in the grocery store, and the restaurants will keep the profits.

Walmart, Target, H-E-B announce $2 pay bumps as hiring efforts and rewards for front-line workers step up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With payments due today in most states, several have moved quickly—and under intense pressure—to delay the collections or waive penalties.

Several companies have drawn down on revolving credit lines as they seek to build up cash to get through a rough period.

The coffee chain is going to a drive-thru-only model for at least two weeks and will pay workers for the next 30 days whether they come to work or not.

How is the coronavirus affecting sales, traffic in stores?

The latest category data and store visits affirm that shoppers are returning to the familiar and are putting meat back on the center of plate.

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