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Industries all across the country are experiencing the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Discover how it could affect the U.S. foodservice, grocery and convenience industries.

5 silver linings from this week: May 22 edition

After weeks of ensuring local residents stay fed, noncommercial operators are now receiving tokens of appreciation from those around them.

COVID-19: Preparing for a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The pandemic has sparked a pivotal moment for e-commerce adoption, but success requires agility and strategic investments right for the long haul, the author says.

The membership warehouse club is awash in cash and looking for further growth as it was able to identify and adapt to changing shopping patterns quickly and efficiently, officials said.

The chain says it will relocate more locations from malls to drive-thrus and build more pickup stores and add curbside and delivery options.

Takeout and delivery have helped many of the segment's big brands weather the lockdown of dining rooms. Will that momentum continue?

As signs of recovery start to emerge, so does a clearer picture of the virus’ toll on the foodservice business.

Retailer provides business update on navigating the COVID-19 pandemic

Grocery workers urge Kroger and others to reinstate hazard pay as they continue to face a risky work environment.

COVID-19 has elevated stress and anxiety levels among owners, employees and customers. Here’s how operators are coping.

Industry data shows that the pandemic is altering how consumers shop and what they choose to buy.

Chains are establishing new roles and responsibilities as dining rooms reopen.

As customers have ventured outside again, they have gravitated toward quick-service restaurants, in many cases leading to a quick recovery.

Catalina, Koupon report finds consumers buying more wine, beer, spirits amid COVID-19 crisis

Operators and Republican leaders are pushing for protections against liability suits.

This week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive" features Neal Sherman, founder of restaurant equipment reseller TagEx Brands.

Pizza, chicken tenders, wings and taquitos available to make at home

IRI’s CPG Demand Index compares current dollar sales with pre-COVID-19 numbers

The pandemic isn’t slowly produce sales as consumers continue to purchase at a rapid rate, with sales up 17% compared to a year ago.

Grilling kits, picnic boxes and more are available to kick off the holiday weekend at home.

Proceeds from the private stock sale will be used to offset COVID-19-related debt and fund the addition of more history-laced pubs and attractions.

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