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Industries all across the country are experiencing the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Discover how it could affect the U.S. foodservice, grocery and convenience industries.

Lidl Defends Safety Actions Amid Worker COVID Charges

Lidl and Best Market employees in New York are demanding hazard pay and faster response to illnesses, including at least 2 deaths.


Unions find opportunity in restaurants' COVID-19 woes

Restaurants may be less busy than they've ever been, but the same can't be said for labor advocates.

Product allows employees to avoid touching a commonly used surface

As it recovers from a slowdown in production due to the coronavirus, the company is implementing a 30% price cut on certain beef products.

The chain is gradually reopening restaurants with cafeteria-style dining and some family-style service.

If passed, the Heroes Act would provide $3 billion in emergency funding.

After an initial push for comfort foods, consumers are now looking to promote wellness.

The prominent media coverage of plant closures drove yet another wave of stock-ups.

The state's Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the prohibitions on business reopenings are unconstitutional.

The faster delivery option leverages new technology and fits a changing value proposition for shut-in shoppers and the retailer.

Same-store sales rose more than 8% in the week ended May 10 as consumers readjusted to the pandemic shutdown and made larger orders.

Has donated more than $50,000 in food and beverages to Central Pennsylvania Food Bank in past 2 months

While there will be some variability among its 23 campuses, “limited exceptions” will be made for in-person learning and research.

A new bill known as the AG CHAIN Act would provide a federal tax holiday and a payroll tax exemption for essential employees in the food and agriculture industries.

Retailer joins parent company Kroger’s expansion of plan to administer up to 100,000 coronavirus tests by the end of May.

David Maloni of ArrowStream joins “A Deeper Dive” this week to discuss the pandemic’s impact on the food supply and prices.

But Chicago has moved in another direction, mandating that third-party services break down their charges on customers' tabs.

Americans taking a wait-and-see attitude about longer trips, GasBuddy survey shows

Overall visits decreased and cleanliness became essential during this year’s first quarter

The Lempert Report: Dozens of grocery store workers have died from COVID-19, in spite of masks, temperature checks, plexiglass barriers and improved sanitation.

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