How your restaurant sales and profits compare to competitors' and what you can do to improve financial performance


Tight lending leads to franchise powwow

The lending needed to open or buy franchised businesses this year will fall about $2 billion short of demand, thwarting the creation of up to 80,000 jobs at restaurants and other enterprises, according to new research from the International Franchise Association.


2011 Restaurant Growth Index

As 2011 gets underway, it’s clear that the slowly recovering economy continues to impact the restaurant industry as shown by sluggish sales and limited expansion.

Our team of experts talks about dessert essentials and what’s coming down the sugary pike.

With Valentine’s Day smack in the middle, February is a big month for chocolate—especially on dessert lists.

Like other aspects of the industry, the smoothie segment has been impacted by the economy.

What most cutting-edge franchise services have in common is that they cut the cost of opening a store.

"We started serving punches at special events. They’re an effective way to get lots of cocktails out fast, maintaining integrity without sacrificing service,” says Al Sotack, head bartender at Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company, a Philadelphia spot named after a Prohibition-era bootlegging gang.

Restaurant Business in January spoke with five emerging chains whose executives shared their companies’ growth plans for 2010.

Seafood is in high demand by Americans—total consumption rose by 45 million pounds in 2009 over 2008, states the National Fisheries Institute.

Hopheads are turning to beer's new dark side.