Growth-chain tweeters

MOOYAH @MOOYAHBurger | 26 locations, 20,500 followers
MOOYAH has a simple menu (burgers, fries and shakes), but it has a complex social media strategy. Twitter is an important part of both the franchise’s customer outreach and relationship with its franchisees. “Twitter gives us an opportunity to talk to our fans,” says Alexis Barnett, director of marketing. “As a franchisor, it helps us show our franchises that we have a solid presence.”

One of its strengths on Twitter is following up with customer tweets. “We’re not looking to advertise to people on Twitter, we’re working to engage them. We want to make sure that guests know that we hear them and are responding,” says Barnett. That means that MOOYAH dedicates a lot of time to social media, tracking mentions on Twitter and replying to customer comments. “We are committed to actively engaging and interacting with our guests seven days a week, almost 24 hours per day. We do sleep occasionally.”

Pizza Fusion @PizzaFusion | 12 locations, 15,000 followers
Pizza Fusion is building a market based on both pizza and a passion for the environment. That brand image and green-friendly philosophy carries over to the franchise’s Twitter presence. The company regularly tweets about organic foods, gluten-free options and sustainable products. While green topics are tops, Pizza Fusion still dedicates time to thanking Twitter followers, addressing customer service issues and promoting special menu items.

The franchise’s approach to Twitter shows the importance of carrying branding from the real world over to the Web and throughout a social media presence. Here’s an example of a Pizza Fusion tweet that resonates with customers’ values while still spotlighting the restaurant’s offerings: “Never fear, we’ve got both #organic and gluten-free #beer! Come have a cold one with us #PizzaFusion.”

Punch Pizza @PunchPizza | 7 locations, 12,200 followers
With just seven locations, Minnesota chain Punch Pizza has packed in over 12,000 Twitter followers. The chain’s main website features its social media feeds right on the front page. The prominent, unfiltered Twitter feed shows all the latest mentions from customers. Punch actively engages with customers on Twitter, whether it’s fielding concerns about nut allergies or hooking Tweeters up with contacts to discuss gift cards.

Counter Burger @CounterBurger | 34 locations, 10,600 followers
Counter Burger is primarily a California chain, but it has locations as far away as New York and Ireland. It covers a lot of ground with its Twitter presence, as well. Counter Burger works in a personal touch by responding to Twitter users by name in its feed. Twitter also comes into play as a customer service tool, with Counter addressing both complaints and positive comments directly through the social media feed.

Sweetgreen @sweetgreen | 10 locations, 6,600 followers
Sweetgreen is both a restaurant chain in the Washington D.C. area and a food philosophy. The menu has a healthy, local and organic focus. Sweetgreen’s Twitter posts tend to focus on spotlighting healthy ingredients, highlighting particular dishes and interacting with fans. The chain features a Twitter link on each page of its website.


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