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Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


How operators are drawing in customers after a hurricane

Restaurants in Florida and Texas are beginning to rebuild business and keep locals engaged while dealing with storm aftermath.


Papa John’s backpedals on NFL stance

The chain said it was talking about business but may have given the impression it was insensitive to both sides in the controversy.

The updated campaign will now include comediennes Jane Krakowski and Ellie Kemper, part of the chain's effort to draw more female patrons.

Rather than fight the momentum of a wacky or outlandish social post, some operators are jumping in on the joke.

Chain locations aren’t exact clones of each other. There are little quirks, local menu items and different customer demographics. That’s why one social media presence doesn't necessarily fit all.

Whether a chain or a concept branching outside its home base, opening in a new area means engaging consumers who don’t necessarily know your brand.

If there’s no celebrity chef tie-in, newcomers are betting on accountability as points of difference.

We looked at some longstanding restaurant myths to see how these supposed diner don’ts hold up.

For Pride Month, Just Salad partnered with LGBT Instagram personalities to promote the chain’s Big Gay Garden Salad in their posts.

Operators hope to see a lot of green this Black Friday.

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