Restaurant marketing ideas and trends


Cashing in on the eclipse

As the skies darken, restaurants are lighting up with specials.


Quaker Steak & Lube debuts combo meal deal

The casual chain is offering diners two of its Custom Built Combos for $20.

Word spread on social media about a small test of items intended as afternoon add-ons.

Some tips from the NRA Show on the best way to get those likes, favorites and shares.

Attendees learned that there are three steps to building and promoting a local presence for your brand on Facebook:.

Technology and social media fueled many of the year’s marketing successes and missteps at restaurants. A couple of operators, though, found new life in old tricks, doubling down on discounting and resurrecting in-demand LTOs.

A look back reveals which restaurant chains struck out, and which ones knocked it out of the park.

Good lighting and delicious-looking food are givens for attracting foodie eyeballs. But here are a few lesser-known best practices.

From gift card collections to handing out meals, here are some of the ways they’re helping out during and after the storm.

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