New restaurant equipment and back-of-the-house technology

Starbucks plans unit geared toward deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, employees

The country’s first Signing Store is scheduled to launch this fall.


Restaurants scramble to find a new straw

Amid growing public pressure, chains are replacing their plastic straws, but doing so won’t be easy, or cheap.

A judge rejected the proposed settlement that would have averted the need for courts to decide when restaurant franchisees and franchisors are joint employers.

On this week’s episode of "A Deeper Dive," Subway’s VP of North America talks real estate, and we talk about the future of takeout.

New research shows that restaurant customers may eat elsewhere because of employees’ dirty fingernails or uniforms.

Some of the sweeping changes affecting restaurants brought smaller but noteworthy quick alterations in recent days. Here's a chance to catch up on Chick-fil-A's new venture, what's happening in delivery, and an important new twist on straw bans.

More than 100 people have been stricken in Illinois and Iowa with symptoms caused by cyclospora.

Signature ’16 sparks a pointed conversation about where business, customer service and technology are headed.

Cold beverages will be served with newly designed lids.

A study of why ventures fail shows what restaurants can learn from tech entrepreneurs.

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